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About Us

Onnea Market Research is a project that arose from the initiative of some members of our company, Onnea. We started by offering international market research services to Spanish companies interested in the Korean market, as well as in other key markets such as India, Costa Rica and Germany. Over time, we have gained popularity and we have closed success stories, consolidating our project as a reference in the international market research market. Our dedication and commitment to quality has allowed us to build a strong reputation and achieve success. The Onnea Market Research story is an inspiring example of how our entrepreneurial vision and innovation can transform our lives.

Our Services

Quantitative market research

Get accurate numerical data and statistical analysis to understand market trends and consumer behaviors.

Qualitative market research

Explore consumer perceptions, opinions, and attitudes through in-depth interviews and focus groups to gain qualitative insights.

Market segmentation

Divide your target market into smaller, more specific groups to customize your marketing and communication strategies.

Competitor analysis

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your key competitors to develop effective strategies and stand out in the market.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Measure the level of satisfaction of your customers and get valuable feedback to improve the quality of your products and services.

Product concept evaluation

Analyze the acceptance and feasibility of new products or services before their launch to minimize risks and optimize their success.

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Our experience

Sale of machines that allow bulk purchases by RE-USING already used containers and reducing the use of plastic containers, thus creating and updating a new CIRCULAR business model, a new Vending for daily consumption that guarantees greater profitability for the owner and facilitates shopping for any user on the street at any time and without queuing in shops.

Eco vending
Dream things is a Spanish company with real estate all over Spain and in some European countries such as France, Italy and Germany.
The company has investors all over Europe and part of the Asian continent, they were looking to expand their clients in Asia.

They have Thai and Japanese investors and are interested in Korean land for them.

Smurfit Kappa is a global leader in sustainable packaging solutions, with a presence in more than 35 countries. The company produces a wide range of paper and corrugated products, including boxes, bags, pouches, containers and customized packaging solutions for various industries. We conducted market research in South Korea to investigate kraft paper there and search for potential customers.
Smurfit Kappa
The market research we are conducting for My Rent Go in South Korea focuses on analysing trends and innovations in sustainable urban mobility in this country, which currently stands out as one of the most innovative in the world in the field of sustainable urban mobility.
Encaja’s main activity is the handling of paper and cardboard for the manufacturing of paper and cardboard boxes and packaging. This activity has remained unchanged for five generations, leading them to the present day.
The drift market in Spain is growing by leaps and bounds. That is why we are working on importing drift parts from Korea and Japan, as they are two markets that have a long history in this sector, and that provide the highest quality parts.
Intercontrol is a construction site management company. They have a team of engineers and contractors specialised in the development of projects and trained in the legality of the country. To date, they have a presence in Latin America, Europe and Africa, now, they have set their sights on Asia with the aim of implementing their business model and have entrusted us to study the South Korean market in order to continue with their expansion strategy.

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