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Our Proyects


Workshops to promote creativity and different cognitive abilities of various social groups

Agua Gratis

Agua gratis seeks to unite companies that seek to innovate in their marketing and increase sales, with the problem of water scarcity in communities in Africa, working with the ODS1-6-8-9 and creating effective and sustainable campaigns.

Adopta un psicólogo

We promote and influence change in companies by attacking mental problems with specialized solutions. Before being workers we are people.

City Lock

City lock is an intelligent parking lot for charging scooters that allows its users to leave their scooters safely in public places

Onnea AOVE

Onnea AOVE seeks to lead the Valencian extra virgin olive oil market, through the offer of products of the best quality and sustainable values, inspiring consumers to choose products of local origin.


Liw is a software that helps companies to measure their waste in production and connect them with others in order to get a benefit from them


Reverse is a brand of material for circus performance.


Kaola is a brand of cloth bags with artistic designs that seeks to promote a taste for art and responsible consumption.


Los bandoleros is a clothing brand that integrates tattoo artists into its clothing collections to provide opportunities for these artists

The Dazz

the dazz is a brand that aims to help and encourage women to be free, through a lingerie brand with all sizes and the creation of events in which dialogue and creativity merge


We are "dinner with your influencer", the platform that unites influencers, artists and idols with their community through an unforgettable and exclusive experience... what better than being able to share a dinner with that person you idolize?


Raftel is a 3D environment development project for retail fashion. We seek to add value to the new way of interacting digitally. We want to create 3D environments that allow your customer to visualise and purchase any product or service that your company offers.

About Our Company

Onnea Company is a company founded by a group of 14 LEINN degree students, with the aim of creating innovative products and services that have a positive impact on society. On their first adventure, they traveled to Berlin, Germany, where they learned about the city’s business culture and entrepreneurial spirit. The following year, they traveled to Costa Rica to work on community projects and learn about the importance of sustainability and social responsibility. Currently, they are about to travel to India and Korea to continue their mission of creating innovative and sustainable solutions to global challenges.

Our values





Our team